Recognising The Signs Of Stress

Does stress kill?

There’s much in the news today regarding the cardiovascular health impacts of working long hours.

There is little being said about the initial signs & symptoms of chronic, long term stress that your body gives you.

Below, I’ve made a list of some signs to look out for to ascertain the impact stress is having on your body.

– Persistent headaches & chest pain

– Digestive issues like IBS, developing food intolerance, heartburn, persistent acid reflux

– Lower sex drive or lower enjoyment

– Recurring colds or voice hoarseness

– Feeling more irritable & less patient

– Decision making becomes more difficult

– Cognitive decline in short term memory

– Experiencing brain fog and reduced ability to problem solve or creatively ideate.

– Reduced ability to focus and concentrate

– Increased reliance on alcohol, smoking, junk food, sugar, caffeine, energy drinks, netflix, drugs, shopping

– More inclined to repetitive worrying or negative thoughts

– More or less sleep – hours or quality

– More inclined to skip exercise

– Increased weight gain or loss

– Increased blood pressure or heart rate

You may not experience them all. It is important to monitor your particular stats so that you can maintain control of your health and the associated conditions.

Here’s to thriving in your 40’s and beyond! 


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Laura Steventon | Mental Wellness Practitioner