Hi, I am Laura

Some would call me a misfit. Others, their saving grace. Either way, I have superpowers. I help people who feel like they don’t quite fit into their own life anymore…

People who are disillusioned with the way that their life has turned out…

Those who are smiling on the outside, yet silently screaming on the inside.

My clients often put others before themselves. They spend their time worrying about what people would say if they actually did what they wanted to do (rather than what was expected of them).

… The ones who are quietly grieving the loss of an imagined future or the beauty of the past…

You see, I know that everyone has limitless potential within them, yet often hold themselves back because of  fears, anxieties, and beliefs. And I believe that societal conditioning plays a huge role in that.

Are you ready to experience major shifts in your thinking, decision making, and perception of yourself?

“Knowing who you are, understanding what you want for your life and accepting yourself is your true power.” Laura Grace Steventon

I was led down this path because I’ve spent too much time walking around numb and practically dead inside. I had such a loud critical inner monologue, screaming at me to change my life – that I ignored. My now ex husband and I were constantly at odds with one another. I was stressed, tearful, binge-eating sugar and very very low. I even had a breakdown that necessitated I take a month off work because I couldn’t stop the panic arising.

It was an incredibly tough time.

I saw doctors, nutritionists, therapists, and coaches. I hired personal trainers, visited psychics and tarot readers. I meditated. I listened to self-help books, videos and podcasts… the only thing I was refusing to do was listen to the voice in my gut telling me exactly what I needed to do. Then, I found a therapist I could really trust, who called me on my nonsense and taught me how to create boundaries and reconnect with my heart.

After that, I changed my entire life.

As a therapist, I don’t “fix” or “heal” you; I help you to tap into the parts of you that can do that for yourself. I provide you with new tools and methodologies to help you cope and overcome the things that may be keeping you stuck in your life.

It is the commitment to yourself that makes the difference.

Training & Qualifications

Diploma in Advanced

HypnotherapyBWRT Level 1 Certificate

WSN Certificate

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Diploma in Psychotherapy

Diploma in NLP & Coaching

Certificate in Stress Management

Diploma in Addiction Therapy

Diploma in Personality Profiling & Archetypes

Diploma in Overcoming Depression

 I have been in private clinical practice for 9 years.

I can help​

Laura Steventon | Mental Wellness Practitioner